Based on Thermo-Mechanical Ablation (TMA) technology, the Tixel impacts the targeted tissue almost identically to fractional CO₂ and erbium lasers, however with low pain, safely and at a fraction of the size and cost of a laser. Analgesic creams are not required. Healing is fast and down time short.


Tixel is powered by TMA (Thermo-Mechanical Action), a non-laser fractional treatment technology that can transfer thermal energy to the skin very quickly and safely. The energy is emitted through a matrix of tiny pyramid-shaped pins made of bio compatible materials covering a treatment area of 1cm². The pins are heated to a temperature of 400°C, similar to the temperature generated by a CO₂ laser beam when it interacts with the skin.

During treatment, the pins are introduced at a precisely controlled speed to the surface of the skin, after which the thermal energy stored in the pins is rapidly transferred to the skin upon brief contact lasting only a few milliseconds. The ensuant evaporation of water from the skin occurs instantaneously, resulting in the formation of tiny micro pores in the treatment zone. The tiny pyramids hold a limited amount of energy and evaporate the upper layers of the skin in a controlled manner without causing burns or charring in the tissue,a side effect often seen with other energy sources such as laser.

Tissue Evaporation by the tip upon brief contact with the skin


What is Tixel?

Tixel is a novel thermal fraction skin rejuvenation system powered by Novoxel’s patented technology.

Why Tixel?

  • Tixel is similar in effectiveness to fractional lasers.
  • It is a cost effective, sterile, fractional device for controlled evaporation of tissue.
  • Compared to laser, Tixel treatment is safe with:
    • Less charring and crusting
    • Less pain without anesthesia or cooling
    • Less downtime and post care
    • No irradiation, just pure natural heat


Tixel can perform either ablative or non-ablative treatments. The extent of thermal damage generated is closely related to the choice of the tip and to pulse duration.
By adjusting treatment parameters, the physician can control the extent of ablation, the thermal effect, downtime and duration of healing.


Energy Type

Natural heat, w/o radiation or radio waves

Tip Material

Titanium Surface

Tip Coverage Area

1 cm2

System Weight

5 kg

Handpiece Weight

330 grams

System Dimensions

L 48 x W 41 x H 48 (cm)

Operating Voltage

100-240 VAC 10% ± 2.5A 50/60Hz

Operating Power

up to 300 W

Working Temperature

400° C (-15°C/+5°C)

Pulse Duration
*Double pulse is enabled between 8 to 12 ms

5-18 milliseconds (±1 millisecond)
(possible durations: 5,6,8,10,12,14,16,18)

Pulse Protrusion

100-1000 µm, intervals of 100 µm

Micropore Dimensions

from 100 x 100 µm to 300 x 300 µm (W x D)


Download the Tixel brochure which contains more information:

  • Product Information
  • Use Cases
  • Technical Specifications
  • & Examples